Semi Final 2

Bastard V Dodger.

Both choose new pictures.

Here we go – Bastard with Patsy Kensit


Dodger thumbed thru his Fiesta and Mayfair collection and went with.


Game on.



JC V Jelly

Hot legs Linda Carter V Tiffany Amber Thiessen


Tie 2

After Jelly and Wonder Woman defeat Keith and a Sunday Roast, The Exiles Summer Competition rolls onto tie number 2.

Matt selects Patsy Kensit and TT selects Candy Davis.

>Patsy Kensit


Summer Competition


Once again Summer = lack of Football.

So as per previous years and due to popular demand the summer competition is back.

This year its retro – Dig back into your youth and select your schoolboy crushes, your teenage fancies or your mid 20s turn ons. The only criteria is that it has to be TV (Not movie) stars from the 60/70/80’s.

Usual format DONT post yourpicks/selections direct to the board email me your picture/selection and any text to the email address in the link. It is 1st come 1st served so if you intended selection is already taken..tough pick again.

Same random drawing as usual – 2 pictures will be posted – head to head – voting via a poll.

You know how it works.

Let the perving begin.

Olympic Final

TT V Brian.


Semi Final Pool B

Season Opener